Witness Writing

A witness is a story of how God has touched your heart and your life. It’s how you’ve experienced God, and therefore, how you know God’s really there and loves you.

Come reflect on moments when you have encountered God and learn to recognize and appreciate the ways God  is at work in your life.

At a Witness Writing Session you'll:

  • get help recognizing & reflecting on your encounters with God

  • write a witness story

  • hear other's witnesses

  • practice sharing your witness story with a small group.

Next Witness Writing Session:

Tuesday, November 14  -  7:00-9:00pm  -  Brennan

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Have questions?  Contact: Elena Thompto: ethompto@yahoo.com, 512-773-6053

Witness Weekends

Pope Francis and Bishop Joe Vasquez have reminded us that Encounter with Christ is at the heart of our lives as Christians and the mission of the Church. It is encounter with Christ that transforms our lives.

Witness Weekends were started to help us enter into this encounter with Christ as a community. Once a month at mass you'll hear from people in our parish community about what meeting Christ has meant in their lives. We hope this will help you reflect on how God is present and at work in your life.

Witniss Pic

Each encounter with Jesus fills us with joy, with that deep joy which only God can give. Each encounter with Jesus changes our life.  – Pope Francis