Uganda Mission Trip

In June 2014, a group of St. Thomas More parishioners, along with Fr. Isidore traveled to Uganda to help with the mission school project that our parish is supporting. A presentation is available by selecting the picture below.

Please join me in thanking the following parishioners who represented STM on the Uganda Mission Team 2014. They were amazing ambassadors for our parish. They truly touched lives through their interaction and work on the St. Thomas Aquinas High School campus and Kamwenge Parish. We are grateful to all of you for your prayers, for safe travels and a very successful mission. Our Uganda Mission Team 2014: Fr. Izzy, Fr. James Burkhart, Mary Blackwell, Kaye Crawford, Robin Donelson, Paul, Carol & Katy Gautier, Cassandra Heath, MaryJo & Chris Kilburn, Peyton & Jacob Kilburn, Kim & Mei-Li McGrath, Erin & Etha Newman, Leslie Power, Jeffery Socha, Elloit Trester and Molly Weiner.                             
                           Blessings upon all of you - Fr. Isidore

If you would like to view a gallery of pictures taken on the trip, please select the file below.



A report from some of the mission team follows:

First installment: Introduction and Shared Challenges

St. Thomas Aquinas explained that friendship is founded on sharing something, or in other words, on unity. For two weeks in June, true friendships blossomed between twenty-one A.B.L.E. (Assisting Better Living Everywhere) volunteers from STM and the students, faculty and local community supporting St. Thomas Aquinas College (STAC) in Kamwenge, Uganda through shared challenges, shared joy and a shared faith in Jesus Christ.

STAC, a Catholic secondary school that provides education and board for 600 students, just celebrated its tenth anniversary.  As the school has grown, so has its need for additional support buildings and upkeep. ABLE volunteers shared this ongoing challenge three ways. One group helped paint the exterior of some existing buildings. They worked side by side with school and community members to prep, prime and paint two stucco-type buildings. A second group worked shoulder to shoulder with parents and a local construction crew to build the foundation of a new multi-purpose building. Without much more than wheelbarrows and ingenious make-shift tools to shape rebar, they helped to erect a brick outer perimeter and fill in the area inside it. A third group of volunteers spent time in classrooms, sharing curricula, interviewing students and faculty, and observing the challenges of teaching 50+ students per class, usually with nothing more than chalk and a worn and scratched blackboard.