Communities of Salt & Light

The Communities of Salt & Light Ministry is about transforming the dominant culture of our society from one of materialism and individualism to one of relationality and justice. We embrace the social teachings of the Church and practice living in a way that addresses the root issues of injustice in our community. This ministry is about building relationships with others who want to act with power for the common good. We seek first to understand the social issues impacting the families of St. Thomas More, so we can act together to solve these issues. We stand in solidarity with all who suffer injustice locally and abroad.

If you feel called to assist us in the mission and Salt & Light Ministry please contact the Ministry Leader:

Sheri Zepata, 512-619-4017,

What is social justice? 

It is a rich treasure, of wisdom about building a just society and living lives, of holiness amidst the challenges, of modern society. 

*This tradition can be best understood through the 7 key themes, of Social Justice:

  1. Life and Dignity, of the human person.
  2. Call to family, community and participation.
  3. Rights and responsibilities.
  4. Option for the poor and vulnerable.
  5. Dignity of work & rights, of workers.
  6. Solidarity.
  7. Care for God’s creation.

*taken from the USSCB  website.

3rd Annual STM Pentecostal Potluck 2018


The Salt & Light Ministry invites you to our 3rd Annual Pentecost Potluck on Saturday, May 19 @ 6:30pm in the PAC.

Come celebrate our Parish’s cultural diversity and enjoy good food and fellowship! Cultural entertainment will be provided with performances from:
- Filipino Dancers
- Hindu Dancers
- Irish Dancers

Please bring a dish to share reflecting your culture and for more fun dress the part. There will be dances from different cultures for your entertainment.

To sign up to bring a dish please click on the link below:

For more information:
Sheri Zapata (512) 619-4017 or