Blood Drive

Blood Drive

The Catholic church views blood and organ donation as an act of charity, fraternal love and self sacrifice. Transplants are ethically and morally acceptable to the Vatican. Pope John Paul II stated, "The Catholic Church would promote the fact that there is a need for organ donors and that Christians should accept this as a "challenge to their generosity and fraternal love" so long as ethical principles are followed."

The need for Blood and Blood products rise due to:  [top of page]

  • Increase in traffic accidents
  • Decrease in the number of eligible donors
  • Increase in elective surgeries
  • An aging population

Each year a group of parishioners organize and volunteer to participate in up to five Blood Drives that are held at St. Thomas More.

What you can do to donate blood: [top of page]

Sign-up for a time to give blood by using the Web form located here:

Appointments can only be made online or by contacting the ministry leader.


Dates & Locations for STM Blood Drives in 2018: [top of page]

2018 Blood Drive Results [top of page]

February 10th, 2018

Total number of donors 40
Total Number of Whole Blood Donations Collected 33
Total Number of Red Cell Donations Collected 6
GRAND Total Number of Donations Collected 45

2017 Blood Drive Results: [top of page]

Total Number of Donations Collected in 2017

February 11, 2017 44
April 29, 2017 43
July 22, 2017 60
September 30, 2017 43
December 9, 2017 45

2016 Blood Drive Results: [top of page]

Total Number of Donations Collected in 2016

January 23, 2016 38
April 16, 2016 38
June 11, 2016 48
October 1, 2016 41
December 3, 2016 53


Volunteer Opportunities: [top of page]

Volunteers help raise public awareness by posting event announcements at local businesses, answer donor questions, and refer donors to the appropriate coordinator or your ministry leader.

Other volunteers are asked to call 10 to 15 donors the week prior to the blood drive to remind them of the event and ask if they can participate.

Shift workers are asked to donate 3 hours on the day of the blood drive to assist in the following tasks:

  • Helping donors sign in and fill out forms prior to their screening interview. This volunteer also helps keep track of the next person in the line.
  • Serving coffee, juice and cookies to donors who have completed their donation.
  • Looking after donors and their guests. (Some donors may need extra care, especially if they feel uneasy after donating. Others may have small children that need supervision while they donate.)

If you have a need for Blood or Blood Products not covered by insurance...OR

If you would like to volunteer to help in future Blood Drives...OR

If you have questions regarding the Blood Drive Ministry...OR

Please contact the Blood Drive Ministry Leader and they will be glad to assist you with your matter.

Tom Camardo, #(512) 250-0551,