Good Samaritan Meal Ministry

Good Samaritan Meal Ministry

The Good Samaritan Meal Ministry is here to help parishioners who are temporarily unable to cook for themselves due to illness or surgery. If you find yourself in this situation please do not hesitate to contact our Ministry Leader. We have members standing by to assist you through this tough time, there is no need to try and do without or alone.

Ways to Volunteer:

This rewarding ministry requires no formal training, just the ability to prepare and deliver a meal. The time commitment is very flexible and varies based on your availability. Volunteers are drawn from the neighborhoods closest to the individual or family in need, and meals can be delivered at your convenience.

Meal Volunteer Time Requirement: one meal every two months on average
Phone Coordinator Time Requirement: two hours per month

This ministry is for adults 18 years and above, or families under the guidance of a parent.

If you are willing to assist us in this ministry please contact our Ministry Leader:

Tricia Ramirez, (480) 788-6325,