Nursery Ministry and Our Offerings on "Getting Involved"

The Nursery at St. Thomas More has three ways to get involved! Either as using it for Childcare to attend STM events, using and volunteering in our Sunday Mass Co-Op during the 9:00am or 10:45 Mass times or Volunteering as a Caregiver!!      

Childcare Service

NurseryblocksParents can use the Nursery as a free or reduced cost substitution for babysitting for many of the events held here at St. Thomas More. Minsitries and Events which have consistently used childcare services include:

MOYC (Mothers of Young Children) - fee based

Catholic Single Parents

Baptism Preparation Classes

New Parishioner Registration

Parish Mission

Adult Faith Formation Classes - fee based

Parish Wide Penance Service

RCIA Participants

Childcare is available when advertised for the various events and when reservations are made. A 3-day advance reservation is a must toNurserycar guarantee the availability of caregivers - please no drop ins! A small donation so that we may continue this service may be requested within the Nursery Room. If after you have made a reservation and you will not need the childcare, please contact us at 512-258-2055 to cancel your reservation.

If you are volunteering as a Religious Education Teacher or volunteering for our Summer Camps of VBS (Vacation Bible School) or MLF Camp (Mobile Loaves and Fishes), childcare is offered for those volunteers who child is too young to attend class or camp. We offer this service as a "thank you" to our volunteers!

Any child needing babysitting while parents remain on campus must have a completed Children's Information Form on file. Please download, print and complete the first page of this form and bring to your first use of the Nursery. To view Procedures for Parents using the Nursery on what you can expect while your child is in the Nursery, please view the file.

To make reservations, please complete the form below and submit at least 3 days prior to the event. We will confirm your reservation and notify you of your room assignments prior to the event. Please cancel reservations by calling 512-258-2055.

Sunday Mass Co-Op

St. Thomas More offers a Sunday Mass Co-Op during the 9:00am and the 10:45am Mass times (with closures for various holidays throughout the year.) The Co-Op is available for children 6 months old to children too young to attend Sunday School (although exceptions are certainly made for older children). Parents are encouraged to volunteer one Mass per month if they have met the Diocesan requirements for Ethics & Integrity in Ministry.

To get started, visit us Sundays during our operating hours in the Nursery Rooms located down the brightly colored hallway past the Gift Shop and the Library. You may bring your child to visit and meet some of our caregivers! Once there, you will receive the Welcome to the Sunday Mass Co-Op, the Guidelines of the Nursery, and the Children's Information Form.

 Please return you completed Children's Information Form as soon as possible so you and your child will become members of the Nursery ministry.

Volunteer as a Caregiver

The Nursery has several opportunities for adults and teens to give back! The Sunday Mass Co-Op during the 9:00am and the 10:45am  Mass times are our most popular times to volunteer.

Teens are considered as students attending Middle School through 17 years of age. Per Diocesan requirements, once you are 18 years old, you must be in compliance with Ethics & Integrity in Ministry before volunteering in the Nursery. Parents utilizing the Co-Op must volunteer one mass per month.

Our Religious Education Teachers need volunteer caregivers to babysit their children while they teach our parish's children. When you register for Religious Education, be sure to complete the Volunteer form and return to the Religious Education staff.

Our volunteers during VBS (Vacation Bible School) need caregivers. When registering your child for VBS, please consider volunteering!

Children's Information Form

Nursery Co Op

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