Cub Scout Pack 166

Cub Scout Pack 166 is charted by STM for boys in the first through fifth grade. A boy may begin at any level. Parental participation is mandatory at the first grade (Tiger Scout) level and strongly encouraged thereafter. Dens meet two or three times a month on Thursday evenings (7:00pm to 8:00pm) to work on rank-related projects. The entire pack meets once each month to share achievements, receive awards, sing, participate in stories and generally have a good time.

For more information on how to get involved or about the various Cub Scout Volunteer opportunities and how you may assist us please contact the Ministry Leader involved.

Boy Scouts Troop 159

Boy Scouts is the opportunity of a lifetime that is open to all boys age 11-21. Beginning at age 11, Boy Scouting exposes boys to the "real world" and prepares them to meet the challenges of tomorrow's society.

The Boy Scout programs includes training, first aid, cooking, citizenship, crafts, personal management and physical fitness. Boys have the opportunity to earn their choice of over 100 merit badges. By the time a Boy has earned his Eagle Rank, the highest rank in Boy Scouting, prior to age 18, he is a leader, competitor, role model and well-rounded young man.

For boys between 18 and 21 the scouting program offers a Venture Crew concentrating on camping, hunting and fishing.

The Adventure Begins

The Boy Scout program starts after a boy reaches age 11. Normally boys in a Cub Scout Pack bridge to Boy Scouting in the spring of their 5th grade year. Troop 159 has a program designed to provide weekend camping trips monthly and a summer camp experience annually. Older Scouts are eligible to participate in high adventure programs. To get involved contact our Ministry Leader and their team.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can become a leader to guide the boys through the exciting adventures of Boy Scouting. For more information on the various Boy Scout Volunteer opportunities and how you may assist please contact the Ministry Leader involved.

Training Required

Boy Scouts of America provides training for each level of scouting, outdoor skills and first aid training.

Time Commitment

One hour per week to maybe a weekend camping trip, one day activity. Troop 159 meets each Monday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout mission remains the same as it has been for over 95 years: "To inspire girls with the ideals of character, conduct, patriotism and service so that they may become happy, productive and resourceful women."

To accomplish this mission, Girl Scouting offers fun, informal education for girls ages 5-18 years old. Girls learn to build friendships, develop or strengthen their own set of values, to learn skills, become more self-confident and help their communities. The Girl Scout leaders determine meetings.

If you would like to get involved in Girl Scouts or if you are interested in assisting us in any way as a volunteer please contact the Ministry Leader.