Audio Ministry

The Audio Ministry facilitates the use of, or operates the audio equipment, in support of all Masses and various special events. Our primary purpose is to enhance the hearing of "the Word of God", the homily, and collective worship through inspirational music. To fulfill this purpose, we utilize microphones and adapters to acquire sounds electronically. We control, adjust and blend the sounds with an audio mixer (aka sound board), before sending the resultant signal to the amplifiers and loudspeakers, which are similar to your stereo or home theater systems.

Audio Ministers should have a good sense of hearing. They should understand (or be willing to learn) the basic characteristics of human speech and musical sounds. Audio Ministers must be alert to what is happening during the service, listen carefully to ensure a pleasing tonal blend, clarity and volume of sound, and learn how to operate sophisticated electronic equipment. Training and mentoring will be provided, as needed. Audio Ministers work closely with the Music Ministry during Mass, and usually serve one or two times per month.

Our Ministry is open to participation by any adults and responsible teens, with some knowledge of music and/or electronic equipment, and who can ensure transportation to their assigned Masses. If you prefer organization to electronics, we would also appreciate help with scheduling of volunteers, which requires a few hours, about one week per quarter, or the inventory, labeling or repair of equipment, on an as-needed basis. For more information about this ministerial opportunity or to volunteer please contact the Ministry Leader.