Ministries of Holy Communion

Extraodinary Ministry of Holy Communion

"In every celebration of the Eucharist, there should be a sufficient number of ministers of Holy Communion so that it may be distributed in a reverent and orderly manner. Bishops, priests and deacons distribute Holy Communion in virtue of their office as ordinary ministers of the Body and Blood of the Lord.  When the size of the congregation...requires it, the celebrant upon extraordinary ministers to assist him."  (GIRM 162).

"Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should receive sufficient spiritual, theological, and practical preparation to fulfill their role with knowledge and reverence. In all matters they should follow the guidance of the diocesan bishop." (Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion Under Both Kinds for the Dioceses of the United States of America, NDRHC #28).

"All ministers of Holy Communion should show the greatest reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist by their demeanor, their attire, and the manner in which they handle the consecrated bread or wine." (NDRHC #29).

New Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Ministers) at St. Thomas More parish must take part in one training session, with ongoing support and education provided as needed throughout the year.  The training sessions are scheduled for the fall, though individual or small group training can be arranged at other times during the year.  The training schedule will be published in the parish bulletin and also on this website beginning in September.

Returning Eucharistic Ministers are periodically asked to come for retraining on procedural changes as requested by the Pastor.  Spiritual growth opportunities, such as mornings of relfection, are offered several times each year for all Liturgical Ministers.  

Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled to serve once per month, though are encouraged to serve as often as there are openings. Commitments are generally for a period of one year. Scheduling is done through our Liturgical Ministry database. The new cycle for all Liturgical Ministers begins October 1st.  

If you feel called to become part of this Extraordinary Ministry or would just like more information, please contactJennifer Fangman, Director of Liturgy.


Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion to the Sick

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick take communion to those who cannot attend Mass because of illness, injury or age issues.  These ministers keep parishioners connected to St. Thomas More and bring them the comfort and strength of the Eucharist during difficult times in their lives. We minister to people in their homes, in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities within our parish.

Parishioners who would like to have a Minister bring them communion when they cannot attend Mass either for a short period of time or long term, may contact Jennifer Fangman, Director of Liturgy. 

If you interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister to the Sick, you should also contact Jennifer Fangman, Director of Liturgy. Training sessions for this ministry are generally held in the fall - watch the bulletin or this website for dates and times. Ministers to the Sick receive training as Eucharistic Ministers and also receive ministry specific training. Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick must also be certified by the Diocese of Austin in the Ethics and Integrity in Ministry program.  

Time commitment for this ministry varies by minister.  Some choose to commit to bringing communion to a homebound parishioner weekly for many years.  Some commitments last only a few weeks, e.g. while a parishioner is recovering from surgery.  Others serve once a month at a nursing home or retirement community.  Ministers choose the commitments that fit their work schedule and family needs.  We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit guides our Minister to the homebound parishioner who needs them the most.