Linen Care

The Linen Care Ministry is a vital part of our Liturgical celebrations here at St. Thomas More. The washing and caring for our Altar linens is a prayerful meditation and Altar Linen Ministers have the ability to bring about sacredness in the ordinary task of cleaning and pressing these linens.  


Ministers attend one hour-long training and information sharing session in the fall and there is ongoing education and support offered through the year.  Ministers usually serve 4-5 weeks out of the year. The washing, starching, and pressing of the altar linens is done in the home.  

This ministry is open to men and women, the young and not so young. Parishioners who are homebound or those who cannot be a part of other Liturgical Ministries at this time in their lives but who wish to continue to serve in ministry here at St. Thomas More, are invited to prayerfully consider the Linen Care Ministry. 

For more information about this ministry or to volunteer to be a part of the Linen Care Ministry, please contact Jennifer Fangman, our Liturgy Director.