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Welcome to the St. Thomas More Church Parish Library containing over 5,000 books, CD’s and DVD’s to enrich and further the faith formation of its parishioners at all stages of life. The collection exists to foster your spiritual growth, increase your awareness of God’s presence, and widen your knowledge of the Catholic faith.

The library is available to all registered parishioners and is located across the hall from the Gift Shop. The library is open after Masses on the weekend and Tuesday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. as well as during some Religious Education classes. Weekday hours vary and are posted outside the library door.

Our collection focuses on bible study, Catholic teachings, prayer and devotion, Christian living, Church history, saints, sacraments, marriage and family, social justice and spiritual formation. The library has both Teen and Children’s sections.

The STM Library Collection consists of books, audio books, Christian music CD’s, prayer and lecture CD’s, and DVD’s. There are separate sections for Teens and Children.

The collection includes a wide range of topics pertaining to religion, the Bible, Christianity, the Holy Trinity, Catholicism, prayer and devotion, social justice, the sacraments, theology, liturgy, parish ministries, Vatican II documents, Papal Encyclicals, the Saints; pastoral topics of family, marriage, parenting, financial stewardship, divorce, death, grief, conversion, spiritual formation and more…

The STM Library follows the standard Dewey Decimal System and there are numerical labels on the shelf edges to assist you in locating materials. There are also signs above the shelving sections that give a general idea of the material. Library volunteers can assist you but if one is not available, the library is set up to be “self-service.”

The entire library collection has been entered into a searchable database. This database enables you to search by author, title, subject or series. You can access the database with the laptop computer on the small credenza in the library. The database is not available on-line. A library volunteer can assist you or simply follow the posted instructions.

Borrowing privileges
 All registered St. Thomas More parishioners can check out materials from the library. If you are not registered with the parish, contact the parish office for information regarding dates of Parish Registration events.

Completing a Library Member Card
In addition to being registered with the parish, a Library MMember Info Card 275x153ember Card must be completed and on file prior to checking out material for the first time or in conjunction with the first check out as it contains all the necessary contact information for the parishioner’s household. The Member cards are available in the library on the small credenza. Follow the posted instructions, PRINT ALL INFORMATION CLEARLY and leave the card in the marked basket.

Loan Period 
Parishioners may check out three (3) items for three (3) weeks.

Steps to Check Out Material(s) 

  1. Select material(s) to check out
  2. Remove check-out card from pocket  and PRINT YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME CLEARLY ON THE CARD
  3. Stamp due date on check-out card next to your name (3 weeks from current date)
  4. Stamp due date on pocket in each item as a reminder to you
  5. Drop check out card(s) in the marked basket on the small credenza Checkout Card basket.  

Steps to Check In Material(s)
Place all materials you are returning in the Book Return Basket on the credenza or in the Book Return Drop Box on the wall under the glass display case located in the hall to the left of the library entrance.

Renewal of Material(s)
Materials may be renewed for one two-week period. After this total of 5 weeks material(s) MUST be returned.
On-site: Renew with the assistance of a library volunteer or write your full name and the title(s) and call number(s) of the material(s) you are renewing on paper and leave it in the marked “Check-out” basket.
Off-site: Send your request for renewal using the contact box on this page. Please include your full name and the title(s) and call number(s) of the material(s) you are renewing.

Stewardship of library resources 
Please be a good steward of library resources by following the proper check out procedures, caring for resources while they are in your care, and by returning them on time for use by others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the library resources come from?
We received most of the collection from parishioner donations, augmented with purchases of new material as funds permit. Funds for new materials come primarily from the annual Book Fair conducted by the Library Ministry.

What type of materials can I donate to the library?
The library accepts books, CD’s and DVD’s in good condition on topics pertaining to Christianity, pastoral topics, and our Catholic faith. We do not accept video tapes (VHS), cassette tapes or magazines.

Does the library charge overdue fines?
No, the library does not charge daily fines. However, should you lose or damage the resource we request that you replace it. Be a good steward by caring for the resources and returning them on time.

Who staffs the library?
ALL library operations are staffed by volunteers from the STM Library Ministry, a part of the Adult Faith Formation religious education program of our parish.

Have you read or listened to a good book lately, or viewed a DVD from the library’s collection? Send us a review to include as a Reader Recommendation! Please complete the review form to the right and submit it to us. Forms are also available in the library. Reader Reviews of books and media from the STM Library collection.




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