Holy Family Catholic School

Academic Excellence - Challenging the Mind - Inspiring the Heart

Holy Family Catholic School is the result of years of praying and hard work on behalf of families in seven Catholic parishes with no parish school. Those parishes are St. Albert the Great, St. John Vianney, St. Margaret Mary, St. Mary Our Lady of the Lake, St. Thomas More, St. Vincent de Paul and St. William. Founded in 2000 the school opened with the 2001-2002 academic year and enjoys a strong personal relationship with the parishes and offers priority enrollment to eligible students from these parishes based on space available. The school relies on the voluntary contribution of these supporting parishes and they offer some financial assistance in the form of a subsidy to the school, on behalf of their enrolled students. 

Here at St. Thomas More, the criteria for qualifying for a student subsidy as determined with the collaboration of our Pastoral Council and Finance Committee is as follows:
1.    Must be a formally registered member/family of the parish.
2.    Regularly attend mass.
3.    Documented evidence of contributing financially to the parish.

Holy Family Catholic School benefits greatly from the association of the seven parishes, particularly in our celebration of the liturgy. Each week, a priest from one of the parishes joins our school community to celebrate Mass. In this way, we enjoy the unique gifts of each priest as he shares the Eucharist with our students, faculty and attending parents. Our community is enriched by the support of our priests and we welcome them at other school activities throughout the year. 

Visit us at our website: http://www.holyfamilycs.org/

Phone: 512-246-4455

Address: 9400 Neenah Avenue, Austin, TX 78717