GIFT Communities

Growing IFaith Together (GIFT) communities are groups of 10-15 people who gather in homes to encounter God, deepen and share our faith, and apply what we learn to daily life.

Community life focues on:

Get to know others in the parish & find new friends.
Come together with others who desire to live & grow as disciples.
Encourage and support one another on the journey of faith.




Have conversations that help you look at life through the lens of faith.
Reflect on scripture and Church teaching to explore the values Christ taught us.





Invite God to be an active part of community life and daily life by growing in prayer.
Lift life's joys and challenges up to God together. 




Faith always invites a response. God calls us to think differently, pray differently, behave differently… to take concrete steps to respond to God’s call in our lives. 

Put into practice in daily life what you learn from Jesus.
Share your gifts in ways that respond to the needs of the world around you.

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How to Get Started

These two in-parish opportunities give you a taste of what community life is like and give you the foundation to get the most out of a small faith community. Click on the pics to check them out: