Each encounter with Jesus fills us with joy, with that deep joy which only God can give.  Each encounter with Jesus changes our life.  – Pope Francis

You are invited to Discovering Christ -

Share a free meal, listen to a dynamic teaching, and explore how Christ connects with your life.

Discovering Christ Invitation

Discovering Christ Schedule

Tuesday Morning

9:30am - Noon

Thursday Evening

6:45-9:15 pm



Oct 3rd, 2017
Oct 5th, 2017
What is the Meaning of Life?
Oct 10th, 2017
Oct 12th, 2017
Why Does Jesus Matter?
Oct 17th, 2017
Oct 19th, 2017
What Does Jesus Want Us to Know?
Oct 24th, 2017
Oct 26th, 2017
Why Do I Need a Savior?
Oct 31, 2017
Nov 2nd, 2017
Why is the Resurrection Important for us?
Retreat: Saturday, Nov 4th, 2017
Who is the Holy Spirit?   The Holy Spirit and You!
Nov 7th, 2017
Nov 9th, 2017
New Life in the Spirit: Being a Catholic Disciple
Nov 14th, 2017
Nov 16th, 2017
Believing and Belonging: Why We Need the Church


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Next Steps


After Discovering Christ, Following Christ helps you grow in walking with Christ in everyday life.


Sharing Christ gives you tools and tips to get comfortable sharing Christ with others